Why Bother?

The February Newsletter is late. Really late. And it’s a short month to boot. January was such a wonderful, busy, successful Hypnosis Month Singapore (more below), that it’s tough to top it. For a brief time I was thinking – should I even bother to send it out?

I know that many people come to see Hypnotherapists about getting started on things that have been ignored or put off for ‘too long’. So much so that individuals actually believe that there isn’t really any point in making a change – because it ‘shoulda’ been done before and so opportunities have been lost already, or maybe because the law of inertia seems to get stronger over time.

As you can see, while it is half way through the month, the newsyletter has been written and I thought I’d share some of the ways in which I got the ball rolling, and how the workings of the mind can be helped or hindered in getting things done.

Any Benefits? You might have heard of the radio station WII FM – What’s In It For Me. It’s a very important station that needs to be tuned into on the mind’s frequency because if you can’t find benefits for doing something, it’s going to be a whole lot more difficult to start. It’s also helpful to keep an eye on the benefits of NOT doing something or changing, because these might be the weak points in making a successful shift (sometimes there’s more to lose – consciously or subconsciously – by making a ‘positive’ change). For me, there are a lot of benefits to writing my monthly mailing, and it seems that every time I focus on the benefits I seem to come up with another one or two. I find looking for benefits the best way to get the mind in the right space for a start.

Writing in another person’s shoes… While I’m gaining lots of benefits (intrinsic and extrinsic) from writing the newsyletter, I don’t write in a vacuum. I was talking to my mother who asked when I was intending on sending out this month’s issue – she had looked at the calendar and thought ‘wait, something’s missing’. As a quick aside, the mind is very good at picking up errors in patterns, so if any of you noticed the delay; it is merely the mind being protective, just in case there is a negative or dangerous reason for any changes in a routine arrangement (now back to the programme). The greatest benefit I derive from writing is actually the potential benefits others may discover in these simple words – to assist you in exploring capabilities within the mind. January was a wonderful Hypnosis Month, with many ‘new’ people discovering more about their own mind and inner powers for change. How wonderful – a world with greater awareness of its own limitless potential. And because no one was ‘forced’ to come to the talks, courses and events, everyone who was involved has taken responsibility for their own life and their own change. Well done! Every person – whether participating in therapy, or courses, or attending talks or mind-changing movies, or reading this newsyletter – is an individual with the courage to realise that there is potentially something more, and is taking steps to attract positive changes. To help you in this journey is really what I’m aiming to do and for that reason alone, late or on time, the newsyletter will continue to be written!

Zeigarnik Schmarnik. Adding on to mind support for action as opposed to inaction (for writing this piece) is a mind phenomenon called the Zeigarnik Effect. The Zeigarnik Effect is a scientifically studied effect in which things left undone take up a disproportional (way too big) part of our thoughts and mind compared to things we’ve already done. You’ve probably had that experience where you’ve had a little, not so important thing you didn’t have time to do, and it keeps bothering you. It might affect you in different ways – trouble having a restful sleep, avoiding a person or email because you should have dealt with it earlier, being distracted from the now to think about stuff that should have already been done… that’s what the effect is all about. The fastest way to lighten the load from your mind is to finish things off – just remember the last time you crossed ‘that thing’ off your list and how good it felt to do so, like a weight lifted off your shoulders. It was definitely worth closing that chapter, rather than keeping it incomplete. It’s certainly the way with writing endeavours, too (and what a super opportunity to use such a great word as Zeigarnik – see if you can use it in conversation today!).

Remember the Joy… I love to write, but forgot this month. You can enhance the lightness and brightness you feel when you complete tasks, by encouraging your mind to remember the joy or pleasure you feel when you do something you like. For example, when I’m thinking about exercising I often fantasize about the near completion of a gym workout – not because it will be over soon, but because that’s when my body really has settled in to a ‘yes, I like this’ feeling (rather than focusing on the logistics of getting to the gym, or warming cold muscles etc.). And I do that for writing as well. I’ve felt ‘flow’ before in typing words, stories, essays, letters, projects and writing of all kinds, so I have a number of experiences to draw on. This morning I spent a few moments going over all of it – the exhilaration I feel when I think I’ve got an interesting or important concept expressed, imagining readers drawing from my writing what they need right now, and the satisfaction I get from completing something I committed myself to (whether or not people write back comments – they are always appreciated, so that I can write better for you – let me know what you’re interested in hearing about, too). And because I did that, it put me in a place where I could start thinking and writing and doing… And, I’ve already started on March…

A Successful Hypnosis Month Singapore (HMS 2007)

Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to all who participated in HMS 2007. It was great! Hypnotherapists around the island had exciting and interesting talks – we even had online ‘skypecasts’ that were listened to by an international audience (thanks Douglas – we’ll be doing more of those in upcoming months so stay tuned). Our RETHINC! 2007 cards were a big success. If you haven’t picked them up yet, please do so soon as we may be taking this downloadable file off the site in March. There was a positive write-up in Mind Your Body (Straits Times) and I believe there will be more coverage about Hypnosis throughout the year. How exciting. If you have any suggestions for making the month better, please drop us a note at [email protected] so we can start planning for an even better HMS 2008!

Happy Valentine’s Day – a great day to really appreciate (and love) the people and things in your life!

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