You’ve Got Choices: Mending “Broken” Memories? Newsletter Bonus

Here is a short exercise that you can imagine or follow to support you in releasing some of the memories that may no longer be lifting you up or moving your forward (or doing the exact opposite, in fact). These are in addition, not in replacement of getting the support of a profession when you need help. If you’re interested in participating in others, you can explore Tell a story to set it free and Understand the lingo of your emotions.

You’ve got choices

Take a little trip into your future, going in two different directions. One continuing to retain the negative (destructive) emotions with you. The other having let go of the weighty hold these emotions have over you. Traveling down the first way, you might notice limits in your life, a less physically and emotionally healthy future.

Fortunately the future isn’t written yet, so follow down the second path and notice your health, your relationships, the opportunities. You have a choice in every second to take a different path than the one you’ve been on (even if you’ve invested so much time in it, you’ll probably not want to waste any more).

Another take on this is to follow the two roads through the eyes of someone who may have hurt you. You might notice that even though one is much more painful and distressing for you, the difference for them may be minimal to none. Which reminds you that no one else benefits from or feels either your pain or your emotional freedom. You are the one most affected by your own personal story and emotional state.

If you have a question, please contact [email protected] – we’ll be happy to help. Getting the support of someone to create an understanding and healthy distance from your memories can often save you resources that you might otherwise be using on holding on to the past. If you want to be free, please make an appointment so you can get started on your new path in life.

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